Mershona Parshall

Parshall Attachment And Bonding Therapy
Collage is a powerful way to visually express our hopes, dreams and desires. click to enlarge

The process of art making engages participants in the many positive aspects of the creative process. The creative process itself changes our brain state, promoting a greater sense of well being and inspiration for living. Any medium can be used to facilitate art making whether it is drawing, painting, clay, sculpture, collage, mixed media or crafts. Art making reveals our deeper truths or desires; often censored by the analytical mind that judges and inhibits spontaneous expression. Art therapy can also guide participants to gain insight into themselves and problem solve in novel ways.

Participating in creative process through art making has nothing to do with "talent" although "non-artists" are often amazed at what they are capable of producing once the self critic is subdued. Art therapy is a wonderful process of self-discovery and healing of the body, mind and spirit.


After nearly 10 years of experience in the neurofeedback field, I have chosen Zengar NeurOptimal as the primary neurofeedback platform used by my practice. I also offer HeartMath HRV (heart rate variability) biofeedback. Zengar Certified Trainer