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Neurofeedback and Peak Performance

Athletes, musicians, golfers, meditators, executives, and artists are all benefiting from NFB. Neurofeedback improves performance by optimizing the trainee's capacity to focus, remain calm under stressful challenges, and think more creatively from moment to moment. What is called "the zone" is just this capacity to remain calm and focused when performing a task, whether it is on the golf course or in the boardroom. Neurofeedback is being used by world class athletes and performers for performance optimization.

Treatment of developmental trauma continues to evolve as neuroscience and treatment models mature. Not that long ago the public was unaware of interventions such as neurofeedback, EMDR or neuro-reorganization. These interventions are becoming more accepted as they prove to be effective tools for helping children heal. Additionally, the work of Bruce Perry, MD and his Neurosequential Developmental Model is gaining attention for treating childhood
trauma. Perry’s model contains many of the elements that have long been promoted by professionals working with developmental trauma, namely, a relational model of therapy that integrates attachment theory, somatic psychotherapies and expressive arts therapies. Some examples are nurturing touch, art therapy, movement, music, and even infant massage.
To address childhood developmental trauma in treatment, relational treatment models that include the primary caregivers are strongly recommended. Thus, the primary caregivers, who are the core attachment figures, are essential participants in the healing process. When therapist and parents work together to understand the whole child, i.e., somatic, neurological, emotional, psychological, behavioral, and social domains, then strategies can be applied to build and optimize the child’s systemic resources.

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A range of topics from parenting challenging children, to loss and separation, attachment issues and treatment, developmental trauma, or neurofeedback are available. Training can be tailored to the needs of a specific group.